We welcome … N-TV at our THINK BIG! stand

German TV channel N-TV was interested to learn how young people today choose their career. They interviewed two Zeppelin apprentices – Bianca Lindwurm who is a trainee for wholesale and retail business and Christian Hele who trains to be a construction mechanic.

Zelfie with the interviewees from Zeppelin, the NTV cameraman and interviewer.

The Zeppelin “youngsters” explained how they chose their career path – Christian, coming from Friedrichshafen, the origin of the Zeppelin Group, always knew that he wanted to work as a mechanic. Bianca, on the other hand, informed herself at job fairs and talked to other trainees about their choice.

Both think that young people are the best “ambassadors” for their peers to explain what jobs and trainings are like and which advantages certain employers have. They recommend to go to job fair for first-hand information. The footage will be broadcasted on N-TV.

Bianca Lindwurm and Christian Hele at Zeppelin’s THINK BIG! stand.

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