We ask … Elisabeth Greimel, bauma assistant

All Zeppeliners work hand-in-hand. We met Elisabeth Greimel, commercial apprentice at Zeppelin, who acts as one of twelve bauma assistants.

Elisabeth, here at bauma you have a special job, what is it about?

I’m a bauma assistant. My job is to address visitors and ask them where they come from and what they do, in order to understand what they are interested in and whether they would like to buy something. I then make a note of their contact data and call a colleague from the sales team. They take over and give the (potential) customer detailed information on the equipment or machine they are interested in.

How have you been prepared for the task?

All the bauma assistants had a special, two-day “fair” training. We were given some “secret hints” on how to scan the people we should approach.With role plays, we practiced how to address visitors. During the training we were filmed and then analyzed how we handled the situation. The first sentence is key – a good way to make contact is to introduce oneself, then the other party usually replies by introducing themselves and it is easy to continue the conversation

What has impressed you most at bauma 2019?

It’s exciting to talk to all these people from all over the world and to see that they made their way to Munich especially for bauma. I usually start talking in German to them and then need to continue in the language they reply, mostly English. I already welcomed visitors from New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Brasil, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, the USA – I like the international atmosphere.

What is your favorite spot at bauma 2019?

That’s clearly the Infinity Room at the Rental stand. I think it’s pretty cool – I admire the modern concept.

Kerstin Weber interviewed Elisabeth Greimel live at bauma.

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