We welcome …. Friedrichhafen’s municipal council

Friedrichshafen, where Zeppelin Group is legally domiciled, is the cradle of the company. Friedrichshafen’s citizens and in particular the municipal council feel very connected to Zeppelin. They enjoyed visiting bauma and admired Zeppelin’s and Caterpillar’s stand in Hall 6. We talked to some of the dignitaries – here is what they say.

Friedrichshafen’s Municipal Council visiting bauma

„bauma is a very impressive event. Starting from the construction machines, including the stage show and the highly motivated employees. It’s not only about selling, but about the emotions and the aesthetic elements in the hall. A real highlight.”

Dieter Stauber, Mayor

„In my opinion, all the electrified solutions in the construction machine field that Zeppelin and Caterpillar offer are particularly interesting. In our fire department, we have a wheel loader. I could imagine adding an electrified one to our fleet.”

Louis Laurösch, Head of Fire Department, Friedrichshafen

„I am very proud of Zeppelin, for this great appearance at bauma. When arriving, we saw the Zeppelin airship and felt right at home. I inform myself before the trade fair and really appreciate all the information given to us here.”

Sylvia Hiß-Petrowitz

„I think it is striking how enthusiastic and motivated all the Zeppelin employees are. Everybody keeps smiling at you, be it the sales staff or the hostess. The quality and variety Zeppelin and Caterpillar show in B6 is amazing. We, being from Friedrichshafen, are very proud how the Zeppelin Group has evolved”.

Dr. Wolfgang Sigg

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