We explain … Operator training with a construction equipment simulator

There is nothing like a first-hand experience – but doing your “driving school” with real excavators and construction machines might be time-consuming or even dangerous. Zeppelin and Caterpillar have a solution for that: operator training with virtual technology that provides real results.

The easy part: Choosing the machine.

Sandra Scherzer, Head of Corporate Communications, had the chance to experience a demo training with the new construction machine simulator. After a first introduction to the equipment on a computer dashboard by Michael Otto, a certified CAT instructor, Sandra climbed into the operator’s cabin, which has the original size of a NextGen excavator, and followed further instructions from Michael to whom she was connected via a headset. Operating a machine without a steering wheel, just with different joysticks and hand gear is a completely new experience and Sandra was happy that Michael had the perfect overview to help her, thanks to a 360 degree simulation.

“Lifting stones from the ground and loading them on a truck is not my daily business”, Sandra comments. “I can see that simulator training provides a way to gain familiarization and understanding of machine controls”.

Ready to start! Sandra Scherzer in the simulator.

The new operator simulator provides a variety of training exercises designed to address each of the skills associated with operating actual machines are represented in different work environments such as construction and mining. The new technology makes it possible to train multiple operators on multiple machines, at the same time and operators are able to practice difficult maneuvers repeatedly until fully mastered.

Sandra Scherzer puts one stone after the other on the loading space of the truck to the left.

Customers can experience the simulator live at bauma or book trainings later on.


Michael Otto helps Sandra Scherzer by giving her tips.

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