We ask … Desislava Nikolova about her job at our bauma canteen

She smiles and greets all Zeppelin colleagues that are looking for drinks and food to strengthen themselves in their short breaks: Desislava is our “doorwoman” and ensures that only Zeppelin colleagues enter the canteen.

Desislava, what do you like about your job?

The people are really friendly, smiling at me, greeting me all the time. When they leave, they are all happy! It’s funny to see some people arriving like four times a day. I already know a lot of Zeppeliners by now.

On the other hand, I already had to turn away some people who did not belong to the company and thus cannot eat here.

What do our colleagues like the most?

I think they are all happy to have a “private” place to eat and have a chat with their colleagues. The desert and cakes seem to be a highlight – everybody is happy about them, especially when we have strawberry cake.

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