We present … Pueppi@work at bauma

Pueppi is one of the few female machine operators and her “baby” is the CAT 950 M wheel loader. She is a “star” on Instagram, counting ca. 52,000 followers at the moment and wants to encourage women to work in the construction industry.

Pueppi and Lisa from the Corporate Communications team

Pueppi, you’re a rather famous influencer. How did it all start?

In 2016, I started to upload photos of myself at work out of a mood, not really regularly. About a year later, in 2017, I started to post on a daily basis and had more and more followers. When the “Baublatt”, a German publication for the construction industry, interviewed me, the number of followers really increased. After that, I started to work with the CAT Fahrerclub (association of CAT machine operators). The number of followers really “exploded” when I was featured on German TV in a series called “Trucker Babes”.

You now have two jobs – as a machine operator and as an influencer. What’s your motivation to keep both?

I admire big machines, the technology and the power that is connected to them. I am passionate about operating my wheel loader and cannot imagine stopping that.

As an influencer, I want to motivate women to start a career in the construction industry. It’s time to end all prejudice against women working in “typical male jobs”. In the US and in Sweden, for example, it is already more common that women pursue such a career.

We understand that you are passionate about construction equipment. What is your highlight at bauma 2019?

I enjoy being at bauma, it’s an incredible atmosphere and I feel totally at home among all the machines, the fans and the team of the CAT Fahrerclub. Bauma feels like a big “playground” for me!!! I think the really big machines are awesome and I would love to operate a CAT 777 ….

What are you plans?

I will continue to work as a machine operator, as I cannot imagine any other job for myself. I love posting at Instagram and will continue to do it. It’s a lot of fun and as mentioned before, I hope to reach out to many girls and women and encourage them to start a job in the construction industry.

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