We ask … Christa Goldmaier about her job at bauma

Welcome to the cloakroom. Zeppeliners will already know her, because Christa Goldmaier is their savior in the hardest of times. Torn pants? A missing button? Or a lost key? Our “cloakroom angel” Christa Goldmaier helps out wherever she can.

Sewing isn’t Christa’s only talent.

“I had two wild boys at home, their jeans were torn every second day. I’m really good at sewing – and that’s more than practical during bauma”, she tells us and smiles. While standing at the Zeppelin cloakroom in Hall 6 B to interview her, we start to understand what she means. We see Zeppeliner after Zeppeliner stopping by, asking for help or bringing in their torn trousers. If the cloakroom is not too busy, she draws her sewing needle right away. If some “accident” happens during the busy hours, she takes the torn clothes home to sew them at her own sewing machine.

“Yesterday I had to change a dirndl (a traditional Bavarian dress) from size 38 to size 34. All I needed were a few safety pins”. She is full of energy, beaming and always there, wherever you need her to be. Your voice is gone? Then visit Christa! She will help you immediately – with drinking water or even candies for your throat. Fruits are always on her desk as well. Unlimited advice is available at no extra charge! She learned a lot and improved her skills over the last 20 years at bauma. And she is a real character as well!

Christa Goldmaier

Her main job is at the cloakroom, but she also helps to distribute bauma ties to all Zeppeliners or to organize anything around the lockers. Or to help Zeppeliners who forgot their keys in at home by opening their lockers (that happens every day and way more often than you think). She organizes the cleaning of all the costumes, shirts and dresses of all female Zeppeliners (60 shirts and 30 dresses and pant suits) or the black shirts of the security people (20-30 shirts a day).

But she does so much more than this! She offers advice to Zeppeliners from other cities with personal tips for going out or on which ticket to buy for public transport. Shoe cleaning sets and lint rollers are available here as well. No wonder she gets so many hugs and smiles from Zeppeliners all around the world.

Thank you for looking after us, Christa!

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