We ask … a waitress about her job at bauma

Meet Katja Seiler, waitress at the Rental beer garden at bauma 2019. She told us all about her personal skills, the food people are craving for most, and why the Rental beer garden is definitely worth the wait, no matter how big the queue is.

Waitress Katja Seiler (left) and her colleagues.

Hi Katja, you are a waitress at our Rental beer garden at bauma. Tell us: What did all the guests eat already since bauma started?

In total more than 7.723 meals after three days! Crazy, isn’t it?

What are the food and drinks that people crave for the most?

That depends on the time of the day. In the mornings it’s “Weißwurst” (typical Bavarian sausage). Noon it changes to “Hendl” (Bavarian roast chicken). Beer, especially lager, is the drink people order the most.

What is the best time to get a seat at the Rental beer garden?

The calmest time of the day is in the mornings. Starting at 11 am, it’s getting super crowded and the queues are long.

What’s special about the Rental beer garden? Why is it worth the wait?

Because of the beautiful service (laughs). And because of the live music and the laid-back atmosphere.

How many half liter jugs can you lift at once?

12 jugs at once!

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