We ask … two information assistants about their job at bauma

Being an information assistant? Is a hard, but also a fun job at bauma. We asked Tanja Raiss and Natasza Walus from Caterpillar about their experiences at bauma 2019.

Meet Tanja Raiss and Natasza Walus from Caterpillar at Hall B 6, right at help desk number 1.

Hi there, you work as an information assistant at bauma. Tell us what makes your job fun in one sentence!

Natasza Walus: I love to help people, answer questions and support our clients.

What do people want to know most of the time from you?

Natasza Walus: Mostly they ask us about appointments.

Tanja Rais: Some people also ask us about the time. You never know what they’ll ask!

What were your bauma highlights so far?

Natasza Walus: We met Chinese visitors today who were super excited about our Hall B 6. They told us with shining eyes that they’ve never seen anything like it.

Tanja Rais: The decoration of our hall is overwhelming and tops our scenery from three years ago by far! It’s amazing to witness so many crowds visiting our Hall, too. And to see our machines so clean and shiny! Normally I only experience them dirty on the field.

What are you looking forward to at the end of the day?

Tanja Rais: To put my feet up!

Natasza Walus: Too eat more veggies and fruits, since we don’t have time to eat them during the day.

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